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Support Washington SB 6552
Please support SB 6552, which aims to improve student success by increasing instructional hour and graduation requirements, while increasing opportunities for Career and Technical Education (CTE).
Protect Science Funding
An alert to urge Congress to work towards a bipartisan agreement and to forge a long-term solution to the current fiscal crisis.
Support California Bill A 2319
Creates a grant, which would allow school districts, county offices of education, or charter schools to use these funds for specified purposes aligned with the Common Core standards and STEM programs

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ACS Director of Public Policy Glenn Ruskin has started doing a monthly video series discussing the most pressing public policy issues impacting chemistry. Watch the most recent installment here.

Click here for a background guide for our most recent alert, asking ACS members in Washington to support SB 6552.

District Meetings

August is a great time to reach out to your federal legislators while they're back in the district on recess.

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